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Minimal Frame

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This state of the minimal window technology includes optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, high weather resistance and security solutions. The high level of technology used within frames makes it top performing.

Minimal Frame

We exceed where others end.

Our minimal frame system makes the impossible possible defying the laws of physics. Deeply rooted in engineering and with unique technology that makes the product possible. With a vast array of options never seen before in the USA, Trade Wind with Panoramah is creating a new definition to minimal frame context. Options range from panels 16 foot wide by 8 foot tall with a door that creates a post less than 90 degree from the corner. This attached to another sliding door that is 38 feet wide 3 panel. Simply press a button and everything automatically opens so your inside is now outside.

Also available in this unique system are vertical sliders and pivot doors. With the vertical slider you have the same visual components of the sliding door but now you can create open spaces that raise up instead of sliding to the side. With this option you can have a window 30 feet wide by 10 feet tall raise into the air and be able to walk under or have it disappear into the floor. You can chose the pivot system that can allow for large door sash sizes that pivot effortlessly and create a very dramatic effect.



An introduction To Minimal Frames.