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Sliding Doors: Aluminum

What Sets Us Apart

TW curtain wall systems allow you to design large walls of glass and have the flexibility to create a facade with certain aesthetics, lines, and spans. This unique and custom window system truly brings out the design and architectural intent of a project with clients having the freedom to design big.

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Product Options

  • Various profiles and systems
  • Lift & slide hardware, or regular slider
  • Fully thermally broken sash and frame
  • SDL , GBG
  • Hardware White, Bronze, Silver (STD)
  • Custom Hardware
  • Double and triple track available


  • Over 150 paint option, Textured, anodized, wood grain


  • 1" – 2.5" glass available double and triple glazed


  • Sliding screens

What Sets Us Apart

The aluminum slider features heavy duty aluminum extrusions and that are thermally broken to increase overall unit performance. Doors feature a lift & Slide operation for ease of use especially when units are larger and heavier. The sliding door can come in many configurations and is available with a direct set fixed lite.


TW can offer triple glazed glass on its lift & slide doors with a wide range of glass thickness, coatings, and tints to increase performance. Every part of the product from the sill, door sash, and frame are fully thermally broken. This prevents the exterior aluminum to have direct contact with the aluminum on the interior.


The TW Aluminum slider features a lift & slide operation that allows for smooth movement even on the larger heavier door panels. These doors are built with heavy duty aluminum extrusions to keep the door panel stable to allow for long lasting durability and ease of use.


There are different configurations to choose from to help you when designing the space in your home. Doors play a major role as they can be large functional components of a house. We can build door systems with one active sash and the fixed lite as a direct set for that modern feel.

Aluminum Sliding Doors Overview

Aluminum Sliding Doors Technical Docs