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Elite Aluminum

Aluminum Windows Aluminum Doors

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The benefits of aluminum without all the limitations

Over 50 Mix and Match Systems Guaranteed To Fit Any Project

When deciding to build why does it have to be a battle between form and function? It’s either be a slave to maintenance and weather conditions, or have plain ordinary windows that can keep out moisture. It shouldn't be a battle, and now it doesn't have to be! Tradewind’s aluminum windows have endless options that make the product customizable to offer clients freedom where other companies limit you with options. For example in the aluminum line you can still have the look of wood with a custom paint option or incorporate a real wood interior cap. You can pick from over 100 paint options or an anodized finish. Many choose to mix and match the systems on a project by having European tilt & turns in one area with a structurally glazed curtain wall in another.

On a 300+ foot wide and 8-story tall façade, with every angle and fenestration layout being different to allow the apartments to be unique, all the angles connected with very little tolerance. The level of detail required a commitment of time and effort that was nothing short of substantial. The project was completed on time and with precision due to our experience, knowledge, and a keen understanding of the engineering and capabilities of each element of the project.