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The Best From Around The World

Tradewind Distribution continues to strive to find the best technologies and combine them with the most demanding architectural aesthetics to bring the most sought after window and door products in the high end window and door market. Our clients have strict demands to deliver unique homes while thinking outside the box. They search for companies willing to be flexible and forward thinking. Our motto is "if you can design it, and it can be engineered, then we will build it!"

Not many companies can deliver products that satisfy these demands. Tradewind has made it our everyday strategy to not only deliver these products, but do so in the most diverse way. While most companies will supply a wood window, or aluminum, or pvc line only, Tradewind has an extensive offering of windows and doors in custom wood, elite aluminum, performance pvc, and even monumental doors with minimal sightlines.

We have not locked our customers into a limited choice with the typical "this is what we do, pick it from our catalog" approach. We specialize in highly technological and performance windows. Our diverse offering just limits our customers choice to the best choice... One source. One trusted window supplier & installer... Tradewind Distribution.

The Minimal Frame Window

The purpose of the panoramic window is to consider the cut-out made in a façade as a direct link between solid spaces and voids, to allow an objective interactivity between interior and exterior that fulfils the premise so dear to both the Modernist and Minimalist movements; namely, the desire to frame Nature without manipulating it or disturbing the perception of it.

According to Le Corbusier, it introduces "the vastness of the outside world, the unity, impossible to counterfeit, of a landscape with tempest and radiant calm".

While traditional window systems use glass as a filler and the frame as a structural support, we work with the intrinsic characteristic of glass and give it the function of a self-supporting element, free to slide within a frame with no constraints regarding its dimensions.

Thus the panoramic window takes on its full significance, detaching itself from dimensional constraints and henceforth only measuring itself against the static limitations of the glass itself.

The frame, transformed into a guide that controls movements, may thus be integrated and levelled out around the whole periphery of the opening, doing away with sills between the interior and the exterior, totally destroying any intrusive lines and disappearing into the background so as to give way to an independent structure.

Our PANORAMAH! system of sliding windows also meets the most stringent technical requirements, providing guaranteed thermal insulation, and the excellent watertightness. There is no limit on the number of casements; they can be motorised, and full opening angles are one of the details we have completely mastered.

What is more, it is possible to design window systems with up to 4 rails. The size of our casements is limited by the sheets of glass available on the market; namely 18m2. The maximum height of our components is 6000mm.